Restoration Process For Club's Former Car 2901
The Ferroequinologist
by Ken Rattenne
Photos by Kyle K. Williams Wyatt unless otherwise noted

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In January 2000 the Central Coast Chapter, NRHS, made a generous donation of $2,000 to support the restoration of Southern Pacific observation car #2901, once owned by the club.

Kyle Williams Wyatt, Curator of Technology at the California State Railroad Museum, recently sent the club several photos of the former Central Coast Railway Club's excursion car. Among major improvements is the fabrication of reproductions for the original side lamps that once adorned the car. These lamps had been removed years ago by Southern Pacific. 

Kyle is deservedly proud of the effort and craftsmanship placed into the restoration of this historic car. The car is once again in excursion service at Railtown 1897 in Jamestown. 

So come with us for a brief virtual tour of Central Coast's former Ferroequinologist! 

(Left) The first photo shows the interior of the 2901's observation room, while to the right is the smoking room. 

Work on the 2901 has been a time-consuming and expensive process, but as these photos attest, the results will be worth it.

The restore team is seeking appropriate chairs for the observation room, and will likely reupholster them in like fashion.

Here we see a sample of the original style of smoking room chair that Kyle's team has refinished and reupholstered. 

Kyle wrote Jon Porter about this photo: "We anticipate doing the same (work) for the additional nine chairs in the smoking room.  We are fortunate to have located original SP chairs of appropriate style that we could restore to their original natural wood finish.  In later years these chairs were repainted by the railroad with black enamel and upholstered with a red leatherette.  We are backdating them to their original appearance.

"In so far as possible, we are doing all work in the style of the original car as built in 1910."

Haircut and a shave anyone? 
This view shows the completely refurbished barber 
shop and chair.

Kyle reports that most of the work on the 2901 has been completed. As of May 2002, the crew was working on the many finishing details, such as the furniture.


This view shows one of the replica stained glass clerestory windows produced
for the car.
The restoration of car 2901 includes parts that no longer in existance, such as the side lamps.  Thus, as this photo shows,  a reproduction has been fabricated for the car.
Another view of the "Ferroequinologist," this time in Central Coast Railway Club service. Photographed in Bakersfield on September 5, 1960, passengers are detraining after a run down the Central Valley over Labor Day weekend.

--Ed Graham Photo


July 2, 2010 and passengers are once again boarding the 2901 for a special excursion behind restored Movie Star locomotive, Sierra No. 3. 

- Ken Rattenne Photo

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