Celebrating Our 68th Year: 
1952 - 2020

As of July 2021 in-person Friday night meetings are back on. 

The Central Coast Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society, also known as the Central Coast Railway Club, is a San Jose-based railfan organization dedicated to the preservation of western railroad history with a special emphasis on the San Francisco Bay Area and San Jose.

The Central Coast Chapter is a very active group of men and women. Since the club's founding in 1952, our members have studied and preserved the passing railroad scene in the form of photographs, the written word, and a growing collection of artifacts. These artifacts are documented and presented in the club's excellent monthly newsletter, the Ferroequinologist (student of the iron horse), and in the exceptional multimedia programs presented by members during our monthly meetings.

The club also directly participates in railroading by sponsoring excursions. From our first excursion on the Stockton Terminal & Eastern in 1952 to our recent June of 2011 Northern California Explorer circle trip up the famous Feather River Canyon and Inside Gateway, the club is not only documenting railroad history, but is making railroad history too. Plus, as an NRHS chapter, the Central Coast Railroad Club has proudly hosted three NRHS national conventions over the years. By continuing to participate in and record railroad activity in the 21st Century, our chapter is preserving that history for tomorrow.

Check out the Siemens Mobility Powerpoint presentation given to Central Coast Railway Club during our August 14, 2023 tour. File is in PDF format.

Check out the highlights of Central Coast's 2016 excursiom on the Sierra Railway featuring the Club's former car Ferroequinologist. (Click the camera to view the 10 minute highlights) 

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