Luther Junction
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Coast Line Crossing (photos by Ken Rattenne)
Luther Junction. Rather non-descript visually but important nonetheless. It was where the Western Pacific's San Jose Branch crossed the once-very busy Southern Pacific Coast Line. 

Interestingly, this crossing-at-grade featured no tower; instead, permission to cross the Espee was obtained by the WP crew from the SP Coast Line dispatcher in Roseville. This was accomplished not by radio but by telephone. A WP crewman would hit the ground, unlock the telephone box in the small silver shanty (seen left-center in the second photo) and call the dispatcher, who would then issue a verbal order to cross the Coast Line when clear.

(above left) SP SD9E 4310 clatters over Luther Junction's diamond at speed while heading towards Watsonville Junction in 1980.

(above right) Luther Junction in March of 1975: Espee's main line slashes from the bottom left to the upper right, while WP's San Jose Branch cuts horizontally across.