(Ken Rattenne Photo)
Lenzen Avenue
Tucked into stalls 1 and 2 are a pair of Amtrak P30CHs on lease to SP to help relieve a system-wide power crunch during the summer of 1978. The units are in for an inspection and a little  light repair. 

Southern Pacific's Lenzen Street roundhouse was the center of SP's San Jose operations. The roundhouse featured a working turntable which was used up until the advent of the CalTrain F40PH-2s and push-pull operation. Built in 1899 as a wood-frame and brick structure, it originally had eight stalls but after dieselization three of the stalls were torn down, their whisker tracks relegated for use as open-air stalls for locomotive light maintenance and testing. 

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SD7 1442 rests outside the roundhouse on one of the open-air tracks in 1974 while between runs on the Permenenté Local. 

It's January of 1973 and SP SD45 9103 sits on one of the open-air whisker tracks along with 1953-built Fairbanks/Morse H12-44 switcher 2357. Delivered in 1969, the 9103 is in its as-delivered appearance.  Within a short time the unit would receive "SP" in block letters on the nose.  (Both photos by Ken Rattenne)
Meanwhile, in 1972 FM H12-44 2350 receives minor maintenance from roundhouse shop forces. SP's fleet of FM's were based out of Bayshore Yard and could be found holding down switching duties from San Francisco to San Jose.
Two SDP45s rest on the whisker tracks in 1982. 
(Right) GP40P-2 3198 refreshes itself at the fuel rack after running down from San Francisco.
Lenzen Roundhouse History

  No more can scenes like these be photographed.